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When someone asks me to draw a ‘unicorn’, my brain immediately thinks of something phonetically equivalent but different altogether…


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Unfortunately – or fortunately – a friend of mine asked me to explore this idea of the story of what they do with the dewlap – which was a drawing I did about 7 or 8 years ago as a bit of a joke… so mixed with recently reading a couple of graphic novels; i started sketching… Its a cool drawing, mixed in with a bartender from a comfortable spot… but I am not sure i want it to be this sort of gory. Although death is – and buying meat in a nice styrofoam tray in plastic wrap is nothing less than commanding death of animals. Fascinating to read and research things, which only add to what I know.

It isn’t as simple as that though; animals wind up processed and in everything you own and use, from shampoo, to book binding, to cat and dog food, to hand lotion, lipstick, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, pharmaceuticals.

Maybe it is good to know that of a whole cow being slaughtered, there is only about 1% that winds up as waste. Think of that. We have managed to be very efficient in what we do with the necessity of death. Less than half of it winds up as food; the majority winds up in the form of other goods that even the best and most virtuous vegan would never imagine…